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Mass spectrometry is the key instrument to answer the chemical and biological questions. However, access to mass spectrometry services and experts in Iran is far from being simple and necessitates a considerable diligence process to have the desirable results. This was a convincible motivation for starting the Mass Center which wants to collaborate with actors in the life sciences sector and biopharmaceutical companies to improve the quality of people’s lives. For the first time in Iran, vast range of mass spectrometry services will easily be accessible to be used in any laboratory by Mass Center. It is a powerful tool to accelerate, improve and reduce the costs associated with research and development and we hope to address the specific needs for the MS based high quality analysis. Having the expert service providers as our partners, enables us to consistently deliver unequalled MS services to our customers.

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شرکت لیوزن فارمد به عنوان شرکتی دانش بنیان فعالیت خود در زمینه خدمات آزمایشگاهی را از سال 1383 آغاز نموده است. این شرکت با برخورداری از تیم متخصص …

نحوه‎ی برش ژل بسیار آسان می‎باشد و تاثیر فراوانی بر روی کیفیت آنالیز طیف سنجی جرمی دارد. متن پیوست، روش مناسب برای جدا کردن صحیح باندها یا نقاط …

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